Wednesday 7th


9.00               Registration, at TAMK main building lobby, Teiskontie – door

Venue:          Auditorium D1-02 (morning)

9.15                City of Tampere – Designing smarter services – welcoming words by Service Designer/Project Coordinator Ms. Outi Nokkonen, City of Tampere

9.30               Client’s role in social services – and student’s role in the summer school 🙂 – orientation to the program of the Summer School, Principal lecturer Ulla-Maija Koivula, TAMK

10.00              Client’s freedom of choice in social and health services and in personal budgeting in Finland – Hanne-Maria Leppäranta, Project coordinator, Key to citizenship – project.

Finland is reforming the social welfare and health care system. Parliament approves a new model based on freedom of choice by the summer. We describe how the choice is to take place, and how personal budgeting implements customer-orientation. Case example of Tampere.

10.30              Discussion

10.45             Facing uncomfortable truths about domestic violence: being pro-perpetrator to be pro-victim (introductory lecture)

Lecturer Emma Temple-Malt, Staffordshire University, UK

Venue: B5-31

A world café is a form of research that gets people’s views on a particular topic. This world café is to find out about people’s views on teaching young people about Healthy Relationship Education.

A2.  12.15 – 14.00 Intercultural communication – workshop with practical exercises, lecturer Emmanuel Abruquah, TAMK

Venue: B5-28

A3. 13.00- 15.00 Study visit to Hippos-tupa, Address: Hippoksenkatu 32, 33530 Tampere 

Within walking distance from the school. Start at 12.30 for a walk.

Community work for people with substance problems.

A4. 13.30 – 14.30 Study visit to OmaTesoma -project, Address: Puutarhakatu 6, 33101 Tampere

Within walking distance from the school. Start at 12:50 for a walk.


Note: Those joining in workshop A2, should eat lunch first.